tech9iner'z tao of pooop

WELcome ;]] what do i intend to share here?.. why.. ONLY THE BEST POOOP of course!! ;]]]


SEND ME A SCREEN RECORDING OF YOUR EXPERIENCE.. I'll wager a fckg grand there is uber simple resolve broOmine



pic i took at son's first real band.. Back On Speed.. of significance's big gig in vegas promoted by the same org that brought The Killers to fame.. me son's Drummer hottie an pal of his since elementary skool.. trust me lads.. she was 'one of those' that snaps every head n every room she enters! jolie angelina type sexy snake dancing grrl she is!



wow.. indeed grrl loverly..

just met you hanging with my perfect son Timmay this nite in my flea market home ;]]..

omg.. your voice and musical talent is quite shockingly beautiful in that.. that breath taking way of fate on the small ball we float on when one crosses paths with a stranger and.. in just hours hence said meeting.. finds this person has a striking magical gift..

one more once in a lifetime, enriching experience unplanned.. undeserved.. and yet profoundly treasured..

please write and perform more magic for the blokes that shall follow my fate this nite...

ciao4now grrl.. and just.. thanks for your music..

La perfection est atteinte non quand
il ne reste rien à ajouter,

mais quand il ne reste rien à enlever.

(You know you've achieved
perfection in design,
not when
you have nothing more to add,
but when
you have nothing more to take away.)

~ Antoine-Marie-Roger de Saint-Exupery ~



wow pooop

here we go aGAIN!.. small world bits again.. last post bout a fav old pal0mine had lost track of for few yrs.. now.. just a month after hookn back up w him via social site.. myspace specifically.. BAM!

UP POPz!! my other even longer misplaced and all round cool ChicGeekGrrly pal0mine.. whom jus HAPpens to be.. chit ye mates not.. STRAIT POOOP only here.. ^^^ missed pal's ex.. now happily married afresh to nice lookn lad..

but i ask ya... jolly steeeerange indeed!!... [with deeze oddz.. i gotz to take a roll o quarters to vegas... wait.. im already IN VEGAS.. an dont gamble anyway.. my games serial 'net'trepreneurialism anyhooo... ;]]

ciao4now me grasshoppa'z


new pooop
well well.. nuttin like finding an old an too kool pal long missed.. life pulls us in diff paths.. sometimes within our control.. on occasion.. beyond it.. all that stress over 'wtf happened to my missed mates' just drifts away and gets rapidly replaced with 'THEY'R ALIVE N WELL' excitement and childlike enthusiasm for the catchn up bits that create new eternal memories to cherish till next the time out paths wonder apart..
color this old bugga as such after just receiving a note from just such a long missed chum..
this days lookn UP!!
Welcome my son...
Welcome to the machine...
Where have you been?
Its alright we know
where you've been.

[Mr Pink of course! ;]