wow pooop

here we go aGAIN!.. small world bits again.. last post bout a fav old pal0mine had lost track of for few yrs.. now.. just a month after hookn back up w him via social site.. myspace specifically.. BAM!

UP POPz!! my other even longer misplaced and all round cool ChicGeekGrrly pal0mine.. whom jus HAPpens to be.. chit ye mates not.. STRAIT POOOP only here.. ^^^ missed pal's ex.. now happily married afresh to nice lookn lad..

but i ask ya... jolly steeeerange indeed!!... [with deeze oddz.. i gotz to take a roll o quarters to vegas... wait.. im already IN VEGAS.. an dont gamble anyway.. my games serial 'net'trepreneurialism anyhooo... ;]]

ciao4now me grasshoppa'z